Sunday, June 20, 2010

She’s back

Well… We've been trying… oh! so hard to get ourselves together. And the big day has come to join us.

After 3 months of anxiety, joy, worry, excitement,,,,, she’s managed to come all the way from India, safely today.

Yeah…She has really crossed the skies for me!

Friday, June 4, 2010

My first Car

~ When you do the most awaited thing in your life, you like it to the core ~ The statement is true when I got my first car.

Cars / Driving has always been my passion since my childhood. I always dreamt of buying a car on my own and driving it crazy... But I didn’t know, when it would be though ;-).

And this’d the time for it!..I just got my first car this past weekend!!!. It is a Maroon colored Plymouth Breeze – My first car ever.

It is cute, Roomy, smooth, and well-equipped. It handles on both city and highway conditions as like as Breeze. The front and back seats have plenty of leg room and they are comfortable on our long trips too (over 3 hours). I'm very happy and satisfied with my car.

One of my longtime wishes is fulfilled. I feel very happy and proud, every time I step into my car. It’s a great feeling!