Friday, April 30, 2010

Yes. I’m alive!.

Yes. I’m alive!. (Answer to many of my friend’s question)

It’s been a dry couple of weeks in the US… I have been just going to office, and back to my House. Haven’t gone out or explored the town around.

I’m kind of person, who usually love to explore and experience the new place. But, Not this time :-(.... Many reasons!!!

I know….. My struggles, my to-do list… do run for ever, but still there is a stable phase that should come soon. I will feel normal; will go out of this moody mood and start exploring the new country side.

Will write all my interesting, idiotic, exciting stories here.


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3 Comments to "Yes. I’m alive!."

Rajesh said...

Welcome back

girish said...

good naration of all the things da..keep u the good blog work

Pon said...

Thanks machi