Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sujatha - The Genius

Today, the 75th birthday of my beloved writer Sujatha aka Rangarajan.

Sujatha, the one person whom I wish I had a Master Brain like him. If I get a boon, I would choose his brain in my next birth. He was one of the most versatile writers of Tamil.

He could talk/write on any topic- from Sanga Ilakkiyam to Science Fiction; from Naalaayiram Dhivya Prabandham to Nanotechnology; from Physics to Politics. I have never seen such a muti-faceted personality.

I just love his way of writing. Be it a Short story, or a novel, or an essay or Movie Dialogues, he has made a Mark in each and every field.

Sujatha Rangarajan- An exceptional writer who made the reader feel wiser….
The Man who inspired me a lot for writing.I admire him. I salute him on this day!

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