Sunday, May 30, 2010

KY Trip (Part-4): Geo-caching, Trek, Horse Ride

It was time to Geo-caching. We were taken in a wagon into the deep of the forest. The trip was full of natural scenery, where the stream dropped down to a series of waterfalls, called as “Triple Falls”.

Indicating the navigation signals, our guide dropped us in the mid of thick forest and left the place. We had to come back to our net, by exploring the “caches” over the path.

We just walked into the lovely green- wet forest with no clear goal in life but to enjoy the surprises thrown by the forest trek. The most memorable part was the waterless waterfall :D! Memorable for the people slipping on the rocks and bruising several body parts in the process.

Horse riding had been a dream for me for many years; and this trip full filled that too. We experienced the thrill of Horse riding too.

All said and done. Imagine a beautiful waterfall, rafting in the middle of a dense forest… life rocked! Having played and fallen enough, it was time to get back.

A good happy two days spent, I must say.

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4 Comments to "KY Trip (Part-4): Geo-caching, Trek, Horse Ride"

Ranji said...

Sooper Machi!!! Have fun

Pon said...

Thanks Ranjith

Satish said...

Had great time.. BTW where's your wife..?

Swami said...

Cool !!!!