Sunday, May 30, 2010

KY Trip (Part-2): White water rafting

With all excitement, we woke up early in the morning, got ready for the rafting.
After signing certain disclaimer documents, we were made to watch a 15mintues safety Instructions video. It made us completely nervous and scared!.

We were dressed up with all safety PFDs and Helmets; got our paddles and headed towards the Cumberland falls. On the banks of the Cumberland River, We were again told other set of safety instructions and experiences. We’re absolutely panicky.

Just below the high and mighty Cumberland Falls, is Cumberland River put-in for the whitewater rafting. Our guide, Max instructed us to paddle into the river, and leaded towards the mighty falls!!!.

We enjoyed the beautiful view of the falls at put-in, before we paddle downstream into the waves of whitewater.

First 5 miles of the trip was the peak of excitement; through Class II & III rapids such as Center Rock and Surfing Rapid. The River has chutes, drops, and large holes that challenge both the guide and guest alike.

Whitewater rafting is not like a one in the theme park – it’s a river; there’s no lever that makes the ride control/stop …The ride down the rapids was intense.

As the water smashed against my face and I missed the surf, I became more and more comfortable with the frightening situation. It’s a life time experience man!!!. I just can’t expound the excitement in words!!!

After some 7-8 miles of intense, the water became slow and soft like a lake. We got down from the raft and tested our swimming skill for some time.

Jumping from the Rock, Lunch at middle of the River, Motor driven chained-raft ride…. All made the trip spicy and exhilarating!.

Our guide was an expert, who carefully headed to make the ride both safe and exciting. It was nearly 15-20 miles of pure adrenaline, yet I still found the time to look up and enjoy the breath-taking scenery that surrounded me.

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3 Comments to "KY Trip (Part-2): White water rafting"

Hyper Jiver said...

I love to raft.I do not know swimming. How dangerous is this? can I still go rafting?

Janet Walker said...

nicely narrated.
We experienced the whitewater rafting at Middle Fork of the Salmon Rive.It's awesome man!
I love to write about our exciting experience. btw, you have nice blog.

rafting cagayan de oro said...

Nice blog.rafting is really exciting and nice to do. specially if your first time ^_^.