Sunday, May 30, 2010

KY Trip (Part-1): Ft.Wayne to Corbin, KY

I’ve had enough of cubicle life , or in my tiny town in the last 2 months. I desperately needed a break to burst out and rejuvenate myself. This Memorial day long weekend gave me the time & opportunity to do it.

Four of us (Me, Muthu, Ravi & his family) planned for an outing – Road Trip to Kentucky!!! . My first ever trip in the US !. “WHITE WATER RAFTING at CUMBERLAND RIVER” was the stirring vigor which made the trip to happen.

Our trip started on the Friday evening; We left a bit early from office (trying to avoid the long weekend traveler rush) and picked up a BIG car for our trip. Almost a brand new, Hyundai Sonata joined us, as the 5th member of our team; he gave us an excellent company and enjoyed the complete 3 days trip with us.

Our trip was from Ft.Wayne,Indiana to Corbin,Kentucky thro Cincinnati,Ohio. We clicked the “shortest route” in our GPS device which took us through some of the bad roads of the United States ; full of cracks & potholes and it was a bumpy ride till we hit the Interstate -75 Highway.

Muthu & Ravi grabbed the fun of driving on the highways. My Superfluous driving skill was not required for those little interstate highways :-); hence I left it to those guys!. Our 1st pit stop was at Cincinnati, where we stopped to refill air in our car tires, have some drink & for a loo break J

Resumed the drive around 5PM, again on Interstate-75. The scenery on both sides of the road was remarkable and we passed through large Mountains, fields, canals ,rivers and gorges. The hilly roads to Kentucky were so green and enchanting as they always are.

The drive had turned pleasurable. Music, talking, laughter, and snacks were the norm till we halted for dinner at – Mexican Restaurant, Cincinnati. Late evening drive on the Kentucky roads was wonderful (that too... on a full moon day), excellent!!!; I just loved it.

We finally reached our destination in Corbin,Kentucky around 1.30AM (late night) and were ready to doze off. however, the beautiful views kept us awake for quite a long time. Still the excitement over next day’s rafting didn’t leave us asleep.

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