Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Google TV

If there’s one entertainment device that people know and love, it’s the television. In fact, more than 4 billion people across the world watch TV.

Recently, however, an increasing amount of our entertainment experience is coming from our phones and computers. One reason is that these devices have something that the TV lacks: the web.

With the web, finding and accessing interesting content is fast and often as easy as a search.

But the web still lacks many of the great features and the high-quality viewing experience that the TV offers.

Here’s a video that gives a clear and simple view of what is Google TV and what can it do for you.

This is an incredibly exciting time — for TV watchers, for developers and for the entire TV ecosystem. By giving people the power to experience what they love on TV and on the web on a single screen, Google TV turns the living room into a new platform for innovation!

##Information source – Google blog

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