Saturday, May 1, 2010

From Huntington

Started my life in the US at Fort Wayne,Indiana; Stayed at Marriot Residence Inn for 2 weeks.

As my office situated in Huntington, I just moved to Huntington - IN46750 ( an hour drive from Indy - 3hrs drive from Chicago).

Huntington is not like Fort Wayne. It's a very small town, situated by beautiful corn fields, Wabash river, Salamonie Reservoir , has an approximate population of just 17,000 people.

சோளக்காடு, கிராமத்து ரயிலு... அட, நம்ம பாரதிராஜா அமெரிக்கா வந்து படம் எடுக்கிறதா இருந்தா நிச்சயம் இங்கதான் எடுப்பாருங்க !

Apart from Agriculture, It’s known for it’s huge number of Industries. Huntington has 50+ medium and large scale industries. I guess,It's the second largest revenue creator in the State of Indiana.

Though US is known as the "Country of Immigrants", Huntington is all different. More than 90% of the population are base Americans. Complete City (Ok… OK..Town) is religious; Has very descent, structured culture (not like other part of the US).

I really like the calm and natural atmosphere over here. Hope I’ll enjoy this place and have a pleasant stay.


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Ranji said...

Machi... started again ???