Monday, April 5, 2010

From “Single” to “Married” !!!

So, has anyone been visiting this lonely blog, while I was away ??!!

Yeah! There have been quite a lot of dramatic changes in my life around while I was away..

The first one is : the change in relationship status from “Single” to “Married” in my Orkut!

Wedding was on March 19th... Definitely a big day in our (me& my gal) lives. After so many twists and turns, our love story reached the "Marriage" episode... I still have no idea how the entire day went by… Being married is really a different, good feel!

Guys, for all who are scared of getting married, please go ahead and try it.. It may look a lot scarier from outside.. But once inside, you'll love it... I owe it all to my gal...

And the other thing, is the change in my residence address from “India” to “Indiana” (United States) !!!

Yes.. This is also a good news; but not in fact. My wife is yet to get her Visa; I had to leave my gal in India and travel alone to the US.

Just counting my days, for her arrival :-(

So tell me guys.. what’s new from your side ???

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4 Comments to "From “Single” to “Married” !!!"

christie said...

Congratulaions on getting married! All the best to you and your wife!

Pon said...

Thanks for the wishes Christie

Jamie said...

Congratulations man !!!

Beckky said...

Congrats !

Wishes for your married life