Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Gift by Cecilia Ahern

The Gift is written with Cecelia Ahern's customary magic.

Lou Suttern is an extremely busy man, and he just doesn’t understand why his family (especially his wife) doesn’t get that. He works incredibly hard every day, getting to work before anyone else, because he wants to show he’s valuable. So what if he misses family get-togethers and his children barely know him? He defines success through his job, and he’s certainly doing well there.

One day, on his way to work, Lou meets Gabe, the incredibly perceptive homeless man who sits across the street from the office. Feeling generous, Lou offers Gabe a job. But what Lou doesn’t realize is that this small action will change his entire world and how he perceives what is in it.

The Gift was a very interesting; well-written and easy to read. It has a message to all the people, who puts work before family. It's a morally induced book with the old "time is precious" motto.

Different & unexpected plot from Cecilia. But still,I loved it.

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