Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Indian values are actually Habits

read this post some days back… Are Indian values simply habits??

[ 2 answers to this question---- value systems are in general inherited, whether we like it or not. Second- read on...]

Before I start, let me admit I have no interest whatsoever in correcting the writer. In fact, apart from this post, his blog is simply one of the best I have ever read.

However, wrt this post, I feel, he is partially correct (which implies, i don't agree him completly) ; and am posting this only because his article triggered an interesting thought process in my mind.

Adding to this, let me also ask a few questions,
“What exactly is a ”Value”

( says- (Ethics) any object or quality desirable as a means or as an end in itself) This question is easily answered (without dictionaries) in a practical context by asking a second question- 'Why do we need values'?

Pop-up with your thoughts…

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