Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Anger & me ...

Well most of my friends would laugh if I say I am troubled seeing my anger.

My college friends or school friends won’t trust me when I say I get angry these days. I had never been angry then, I was such a COOL HEAD then!

But now, I happen to realize a new problem – ANGER.

I am surprised why I get angry more often than my college days. The work place may not be as warm as it could be, but off late I have managed to keep the place around me cooler than how it was when I initially came here. And to my surprise unless am forced to be rude I have managed to keep cool at work.

I am troubled when I look at the angry person I am growing into. But one good thing I am a little happy about is – I am able to identify when the monster is about to come out. For some strange reason the “Good me” WARNS people around to leave me alone for sometime & I take my time out to cool down the monster and not to hurt people around. But still I fail to do that and hurt my loved ones at a few instances.

I never get away just like that when I know I have been rude, I always get back and say “I AM SORRY! I shouldn’t have!” but I wish I never have to apologize but control my anger before it is late.

Tell me how you win your anger!

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