Saturday, October 3, 2009

Water in Moon !!!

It was a hit news last week!!!.

CNN’s and NDTV were filling their slot with The Indian Space program chief, Madhavan Nair announcing that India has found water samples in the crust of Moon. Chandrayaan carried a payload from NASA (Moon Mineralogy Mapper) which has mapped water molecules in moon.

When the whole world is congratulating India on its major breakthrough, I also congratulate the scientists of ISRO for making this great discovery. Like every Indian, my heart also felt proud and happy.

But on the flipside, my mind was thinking in a different way. I wanted to scribe my thoughts on that day itself. I may be a week late, but my thoughts are still the same.

what do we gain through this discovery?
• To find the typographic nature of moon?
• To find whether life is possible in moon?
• To study more about moon?...

We've done enough damage to earth through ozone depletion and through CFC emission and now we are conducting experiments to damage moon and other planets too.

My lines might sound very childish. But this is a common man's thought process and I have every right to tell all the scientists around the globe to first do research on Earth, to protect the earth's environment and then think about damaging the extra-terrestrial objects.

Please clean Coovam and Ganges of India before you could even dream about experimenting with the water samples found in moon. Don’t you think that a bird in hand is worth much more than 2 in the bush!!

Save Planet Earth's resources!!

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