Friday, October 2, 2009

Anything For You Ma'am

Recommended by ‘The Special one’ , I rushed to get this cute, blue covered book, some three weeks ago. Can a love story be narrated in that simple way, I wondered… after reading a few pages itself .

It’s also a story of a final year student of IIT,Delhi. , who falls in love with her sister’s friend.He wants to make a trip to meet her girl Shreya in Chennai,where that girl lives..

He has to make escape of his educational tour to meet this goal as Chennai is two far from Delhi so he steals the same dates just to get out from the city in name of educational tour.

The story then moves with how he fools his professor, who is very passionate about his project and make his escape.. .Few twists and turns take place in this endeavor and in the last, everything fall in its right place.

As many ppl say, it’s more like a commercial entertainer - the charm of campus life, loads of humor and friends, Lively love story of an aspiring young man, the simplicity of relationships and the sweetest joys are spread just perfectly into the book.

In many scenes you ll think as it is all happening to you. You can not avoid a smile while reading this book. Language as simple as one speaks in his daily course.

On the bad side, there were many places so dramatic and lengthy, which made me yawn and took me some two weeks to finish with the book. The book has an interesting plot but a little too obvious anyways.

I’d say it as "Good" and recommend for a light reading .

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Ranjith said...

// Recommended by ‘The Special one’ //

Machi.. yaarda antha Special one