Saturday, October 3, 2009

Water in Moon !!!

It was a hit news last week!!!.

CNN’s and NDTV were filling their slot with The Indian Space program chief, Madhavan Nair announcing that India has found water samples in the crust of Moon. Chandrayaan carried a payload from NASA (Moon Mineralogy Mapper) which has mapped water molecules in moon.

When the whole world is congratulating India on its major breakthrough, I also congratulate the scientists of ISRO for making this great discovery. Like every Indian, my heart also felt proud and happy.

But on the flipside, my mind was thinking in a different way. I wanted to scribe my thoughts on that day itself. I may be a week late, but my thoughts are still the same.

what do we gain through this discovery?
• To find the typographic nature of moon?
• To find whether life is possible in moon?
• To study more about moon?...

We've done enough damage to earth through ozone depletion and through CFC emission and now we are conducting experiments to damage moon and other planets too.

My lines might sound very childish. But this is a common man's thought process and I have every right to tell all the scientists around the globe to first do research on Earth, to protect the earth's environment and then think about damaging the extra-terrestrial objects.

Please clean Coovam and Ganges of India before you could even dream about experimenting with the water samples found in moon. Don’t you think that a bird in hand is worth much more than 2 in the bush!!

Save Planet Earth's resources!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Anything For You Ma'am

Recommended by ‘The Special one’ , I rushed to get this cute, blue covered book, some three weeks ago. Can a love story be narrated in that simple way, I wondered… after reading a few pages itself .

It’s also a story of a final year student of IIT,Delhi. , who falls in love with her sister’s friend.He wants to make a trip to meet her girl Shreya in Chennai,where that girl lives..

He has to make escape of his educational tour to meet this goal as Chennai is two far from Delhi so he steals the same dates just to get out from the city in name of educational tour.

The story then moves with how he fools his professor, who is very passionate about his project and make his escape.. .Few twists and turns take place in this endeavor and in the last, everything fall in its right place.

As many ppl say, it’s more like a commercial entertainer - the charm of campus life, loads of humor and friends, Lively love story of an aspiring young man, the simplicity of relationships and the sweetest joys are spread just perfectly into the book.

In many scenes you ll think as it is all happening to you. You can not avoid a smile while reading this book. Language as simple as one speaks in his daily course.

On the bad side, there were many places so dramatic and lengthy, which made me yawn and took me some two weeks to finish with the book. The book has an interesting plot but a little too obvious anyways.

I’d say it as "Good" and recommend for a light reading .

Five Point Someone (What not to do at IIT)

Though I didn’t write for a month, I’d a chance to read two novels; both are penned by IItens; Both have loads of humor and romance. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the novels.

The first one is,
Author :Chetan Bhagat

Five Point Soemone is a story about three guys in IIT, Delhi, the 'fun' they had during their fours years together and how they almost screw-up their degrees in the process.

It begins with a guy (near death) is being rushed to a hospital and then flashback. The author, Chetan Bhagat, takes you through the four years of the three guys, Alok, Ryan and Hari (supposedly the author himself) starting off with a ragging episode.

Ryan saves the other two from some vulgar ragging and their friendship is sealed. Ryan is rich, smart and handsome guy who apparently has 'everything going for him', while Alok is is poor, intelligent, fat and (almost) ugly guy who has 'all the problems in the world'. And Hari is somehwere in between.

In the first semester itself they score a five point something score in their exams and that is how they come to be known for the rest of their stay, 'five point somethings'.

Ryan is irritated with the ' Grading System' because it does not allow one any freedom to innovate things, but rather produces human machines. He proposes that the three friends have all the fun they can have as 'these are the days to do it' and so between movies, food, chess, porn and vodka they spoil their studies. They never rise above their five point something.

In the meanwhile Hari falls for the daughter of their HoD. To impress her dad,he wants to score an 'A' for his course. And the easiest way to do,it is steal the paper! (Ryan's idea) So Hari goes to the professor's house to meet the daughter and with no one at home they end up in issues - get caught and expelled for a term.

Having 'screwed up' their degrees and chances at a decent job, they come to their senses and work hard on a project........................ the story goes.

What I say...
The title ‘Five Point Someone’ indicates the relative grading system in IITs. Five pointers are the worst performers in the class and are generally ignored by all the professors. The incidents, the characters, the plot everything is described very well. The book explains ‘What not to do at IIT’. Ironically you will find those ‘not to do’ things interesting :-D.

The narrative which is very humorous, witty & hilarious; provides light reading. But sometimes got irritated by the lengthy scences and wondered whether humor is a bit over done, especially when there are situations that call for atleast a grain of seriousness.

Maybe thatsy it is regarded as a book version of “Dil Chahta hai”.. Overall , I'd say it as Pretty Good but Not Excellent

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Back from Hibernation

What happened to my blog?
No posts in the last one month? What was i doing?
Did i loose the interest in blogging?

No... No...
I was busy.

I don't want to say it, that I was busy bcoz of work.

Had health issues, some personal allegiances; Also there was a hectic schedule at work to meet a delivery.

Now,things are almost stabilized and I'm back again to screw-up you ppl. Hope to continue blogging with some more interesting works.
Let’s see how far it goes :-D