Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sweet Heart... Please come back!!!

Hi Honey,

I missed you last night... I missed you more than I ever imagined possible... You were there right before me and I still was not able to do anything...I was feeling a lot helpless too for the very first time in many days…Life can be so unfair at times... it can separate you from my love in many cruel ways...

I know that I have hurt you at times... also I have really frustrated you with my silly ways of loving you..I know you will say I am very selfish, I always take from you more and more...but darling, you are my life…Its because of you I breathe everyday...Its because of you I look forward to each new day.....

You know dear, last night I did try to come close to you... but it was really impossible however hard I tried... I am sure it was your dad's idea to separate us like this... I know he does not approve of me... He has never even tried to like me...

Last night I stood out there looking at you sleeping peacefully inside that damn mosquito net, telling myself that from now on I guess this is how its gonna be...never together again in this life time :-(

I miss u ... I miss u so much dear..

Please come back to me...

Buzzingly yours!
Mosquito no-420

PS: I liked this piece of words, published in a Tamil magazine (by some unknown author). So here… my attempt to spoil that interesting article into my rubbish English :-)

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