Sunday, August 2, 2009

Five Plus

I turn five years at work today. “Time flies… “ people used to say; and I realize how true it is!

2nd August 2004 was the day,I started my career at Danfoss Industries. And then the journey continued with Datapatterns India and now at MindTree… So quickly five years have passed by !.

It's been a wonderful journey till now.

Everyday, when I wake up, I still have the desire to go to work with the same enthusiasm I had as a fresher!!! Certainly not even a percentage it drops…

Probably work is the biggest motivation to work! As we gain experience and show the success, everyone starts to expect more from us and we have to live upto those expectations :-D.

One good thing is the fact I have captured some memorable moments at work in this blog. I thought I could revisit some of my old blog posts!.

First ever on-site trip: My UK Trip - I

In and Around London in my second trip: My UK Trip - II

Moments At Work

And many day-to-day happenings: It’s my life

It's really a wonderful feeling when I read my old posts and the situations at which those posts were written!

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