Friday, August 28, 2009

Blue Attraction

I went to RmKV with my friend, few weeks back for getting dresses.

"Blue - Killer- Size X".

Shop keeper said it has to be "X+2" and asked me to try both.Infact he was right it happened to be X+2.;-)

Next T shirt, i just walked around the entire stretch once and picked the one (ofcourse, it’s also in the blue shades).

“Enda. Unakku Blue thavira vera colour kannukkay theriyatha” , my friend ired.

Yes. I’m also wondering…..No color other than blue attracts me so quickly… I don't know exactly, when I developed so much of liking towards blue. One day, I incidentally found out that more than half of my wardrobe are filled with various shades of blue. (If it’s not Blue, then it would be black / it’s shade).

Blue: The colour that makes me happy, the colour that I love the most and the colour that I wish should be in every part and parcel of my life...

Sea, Sky, Peacock, my college bus, Desktop Wallpapers, Nellai Express , Tata Indicom ads, My CD pouch, The first saree- I bought for my Mom - the list of blues that attracted me is endless...

I learnt that I can even overcome the effect of Monday blues with my favorite blue dress ;-)... Such is the impact of the color on me!!!

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1 Comment to "Blue Attraction"

Steve.Reed said...

Blue promos "Imagination".
You might be a creative thinker.