Friday, August 28, 2009

Blue Attraction

I went to RmKV with my friend, few weeks back for getting dresses.

"Blue - Killer- Size X".

Shop keeper said it has to be "X+2" and asked me to try both.Infact he was right it happened to be X+2.;-)

Next T shirt, i just walked around the entire stretch once and picked the one (ofcourse, it’s also in the blue shades).

“Enda. Unakku Blue thavira vera colour kannukkay theriyatha” , my friend ired.

Yes. I’m also wondering…..No color other than blue attracts me so quickly… I don't know exactly, when I developed so much of liking towards blue. One day, I incidentally found out that more than half of my wardrobe are filled with various shades of blue. (If it’s not Blue, then it would be black / it’s shade).

Blue: The colour that makes me happy, the colour that I love the most and the colour that I wish should be in every part and parcel of my life...

Sea, Sky, Peacock, my college bus, Desktop Wallpapers, Nellai Express , Tata Indicom ads, My CD pouch, The first saree- I bought for my Mom - the list of blues that attracted me is endless...

I learnt that I can even overcome the effect of Monday blues with my favorite blue dress ;-)... Such is the impact of the color on me!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

English Premier League 2009-10 : My Observations

Not only me, Soccer fans allover the world were eagerly waiting for the EPL, started on Saturday August 15th, 2009. What a start to the Premier League season… Every single game this weekend has ended with the result. i.e. there have been no draws.

As always, BIG FOUR’s Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea,and Liverpool are going to be in the limelight as Manchester United is looking to win their 4th straight title. But, from my point of view, it’s not going to be an easy job for Man.United. This year finds to be very competive at the top as Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City will be looking to knock off the reigning champions.

Who will win the League Trophy?

It’s difficult to know how losing Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez will affect Manchester United and if they can win the league title again.Liverpool was in contention all last season but struggled during the last few months.

Chelsea have the potential to make a run for the title but haven’t been able to put together a consistent run the last few season’s finals.Arsenal are a young side that tend to be inconsistent and are hard to predict.

Man City have made news with their spending spree that includes Carlos Tevez, Emmanuel Adebayor, Roque Santa Cruz, Gareth Barry, and Kolo. Will their new players help them earn a Champions League spot?

In my prediction, Manchester United,Chelsea, and Liverpool are the three real contenders for the league trophy.It would definitely add some excitement to the league if a club like Everton, Aston Villa, Arsenal, or Man City were fighting for the title but it just doesn’t seem realistic :-D.

Apart from the analytics,

Since from my schooldays, I’ve been a big fan of Chelsea. They had a very impressive pre-season and have got the potential to grab the title.Chelsea looks more stronger this time and Didier Drogba showed it.

I wish the Blues “Good Luck”.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sweet Heart... Please come back!!!

Hi Honey,

I missed you last night... I missed you more than I ever imagined possible... You were there right before me and I still was not able to do anything...I was feeling a lot helpless too for the very first time in many days…Life can be so unfair at times... it can separate you from my love in many cruel ways...

I know that I have hurt you at times... also I have really frustrated you with my silly ways of loving you..I know you will say I am very selfish, I always take from you more and more...but darling, you are my life…Its because of you I breathe everyday...Its because of you I look forward to each new day.....

You know dear, last night I did try to come close to you... but it was really impossible however hard I tried... I am sure it was your dad's idea to separate us like this... I know he does not approve of me... He has never even tried to like me...

Last night I stood out there looking at you sleeping peacefully inside that damn mosquito net, telling myself that from now on I guess this is how its gonna be...never together again in this life time :-(

I miss u ... I miss u so much dear..

Please come back to me...

Buzzingly yours!
Mosquito no-420

PS: I liked this piece of words, published in a Tamil magazine (by some unknown author). So here… my attempt to spoil that interesting article into my rubbish English :-)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Five Plus

I turn five years at work today. “Time flies… “ people used to say; and I realize how true it is!

2nd August 2004 was the day,I started my career at Danfoss Industries. And then the journey continued with Datapatterns India and now at MindTree… So quickly five years have passed by !.

It's been a wonderful journey till now.

Everyday, when I wake up, I still have the desire to go to work with the same enthusiasm I had as a fresher!!! Certainly not even a percentage it drops…

Probably work is the biggest motivation to work! As we gain experience and show the success, everyone starts to expect more from us and we have to live upto those expectations :-D.

One good thing is the fact I have captured some memorable moments at work in this blog. I thought I could revisit some of my old blog posts!.

First ever on-site trip: My UK Trip - I

In and Around London in my second trip: My UK Trip - II

Moments At Work

And many day-to-day happenings: It’s my life

It's really a wonderful feeling when I read my old posts and the situations at which those posts were written!