Friday, July 10, 2009

Wedding Bells

I have been getting lots and lots of marriage invitations from colleagues, friends, college/class mates, school friends. Every other day I check my personal email IDs I end up reading marriage invitations from the most expected friends.

Whats amazing the most is I have got more invitations from 83/84 (year of birth) batch guys. I stress guys here because I find a trend guys are getting married at such an early age. Of course there is no standard rule to say that marriageable age for guys is 27 or something.

Sometimes you think early marriages (I mean guys getting married before 25) are mostly love marriages because both will be in same age. But now....most of the marriages I attended are arranged marriages.

During my last vocation, some of my relatives had come to my home to invite us for their daughter’s marriage.

Overheard….."ennum 5-6 months la...enga vettla oru nalla vishiyam nadakanum..." my parents telling to one of them.

My first thought was "Oh are they talking about my marriage...?". My second thought was "Am I really ready for marriage?".

"Paaka arambichirukkom...eppolam nalla ponnu kidaikiradhu roumba kastam " parents continued...

“Nalla Family, Nalla Payan ( oru Vilambaram thaan :D), Nalla Velai, Nalla Pay, … vera enna venum?… Seekirama kalyanathukku koopidunga”, they replied.

I started to laugh! I remember in my very old diaries (nearly 4 years back), I claimed to be be single forever. Its funny to read that.

Its easier to claim to "live blissfully as single till I die..." but reality how far it can be implemented is a tough question for which even I have no answer.

Whatever be the case...whether you have the right age or right financial status to get married, you must have the attitude to accept someone in your life and share your life.

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