Thursday, July 2, 2009

It is Post No: 100…

(BAT, HELMETக்கு பதிலா KEYBOARD, MOUSE வெச்சுட்டு ரெண்டுமூணு ஸ்டில்ஸ் எடுத்துப் பார்த்தேன். எனக்கே சகிக்கல. அதனால நம்ம சச்சின்!)

Yeah!!!! It is post no 100. Incidentally, it’s good to see that the blog has 5250+ Visitors!!!

I was so excited and started to laugh when I saw such a status on the dashboard. There are few souls waiting for a post from me :-). I don’t know how many people read my writing regularly. But I’m sure atleast about 7 guys (Brothers, friends, colleagues and a spl one) would read my posts regularly. Be it good or bad, they always point out the mistakes. I thank them for their feedback and support. It’s been a good amusement/diversion to them and I love being a part of it.

Almost two years ago, first time I heard about the word “blog”. Padmakishore: my ex-colleague and a friend of mine, said he’s got some comments for his post. I was not aware of what exactly a blog nor know what exactly a comment meant :-D. He explained about and introduced the “Blogspot”.

Initally i wrote all kind of posts about Science, Technical Stuff, Movies, Books, Management Articles, Fun & Forward mails :-D…. and lot more. As days roll-on, I wanted some direction & goal for my writing and I choose a theme for my blog as "My Attempt to Write”. Started writing more about My Life and My Thoughts under the tag "It's my Life". Since then, I have stuck to writing posts based on real life incidents, happenings, about people I meet, college days, moments at work, friends and their thoughts.

I thank whole heartedly all those who read and commented in my blogs.I do accept that, at times few posts may not be upto people expectations. Every blog when you write you hope its better than the previous one, but not always you are able to meet your own expectations :-D. After all its fun to write. The fact is that I update my diary quite regularly; keep personal stuffs to diary, and others to the blog.

I hope to continue blogging for some more time with some more interesting stories. Let’s see how far it goes :-D

Keep me tuned with your comments.


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5 Comments to "It is Post No: 100…"

Ranjith said...

Great :-)

Sooper Machi... Unkitta ennum neriya ethiparkirren :-)

Jram said...

Congratulations for your 100 : Wishing you to blast more Centuries like Sachin.

Rajesh said...

Congrats Man!!!

Good to see your 100th Post.

Keep up the Good Work

Maverick said...

தலைவர் சச்சின் ஸ்டில் போட்டு தூள் கிளப்பிட்டடா !!

This sense of fun,is one of the best things i liked in your posts.

Keep it up

Shruthi said...

Congrats !!!

Miles to go :-)