Thursday, June 4, 2009

UK Trip- II: Bangalore Airport

It was the first time I visit the much hyped BAIL (Bangalore International Airport Limited). Though the new Bangalore airport was never in news for good things, I liked it very much from the first sight.

The airport looked so calm and beautiful. It’s very nicely done like most of the international airports like Delhi and Mumbai (don’t ask about Chennai International Airport :D).

There were very less crowd. I did not find people running in different directions like headless chickens. I completed my Emigration check and start roaming in the Shopping and duty free area. It’s definitely very small when comparing with other international Airports.

One look at the ‘Taste of India’ cafe menu, made my sleepy mood away. The Idli Vada,Dosa and the like on their menu are something that I really wanted at the airport. Finally someone understood that people who get into airports are normal human beings eating normal food, and don’t live on re-heated and overpriced Breads,Sandwich and machine coffee.

Don’t miss the ‘Taste of India Café’, if you get a chance to visit BAIL.

I had 3 hours waiting time for my connection flight to London. Even after roaming around the complete airport shopping area, only 30 minutes had gone. Still I need to spare 2 hours to board the next flight. Got bored and pulled out my Laptop.

I was sitting in near the Cafe Coffee Day stalls. Incidentally, my Lappy’s Wirless Assistant said “There are some Wi-fi networks available inside the airport”. After the enquiry, I happended to know that BAIL has provided complete Wi-FI connection in the waiting area at free of cost.

Immediately,I tried to connect to the network. It then asked me to send a SMS to a number 56767 so that I could get a password in a reply message to use the Wi-Fi connection. I did the needful.

I waited… and waited…. and waited, but no password arrived. But the Boarding call for my next flight had arrived.

Will continue on my experience with “Fly KingFisher” :-).


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