Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tower Bridge,London

After the Trafalgar square, I moved to Tower Bridge station. Now the weather’s little better; Rain slowed down and the Sun started to shine.

From my school days, whenever I saw any picture of London, it always had either Tower Bridge or the Big Ben. As a kid, I always dreamt of visiting those places in the picture. Seeing them real in-front of my eyes… it’s a wonderful feeling.

This bridge spans the Thames. The walkways between the Towers afford excellent views of the surrounding city and the 20th Century’s unique cruiser - HMS Belfast Floating on the Thames waters.

There are also numerous interactive displays and such about how the bridge works, in addition to displays on the history behind its construction, maintenance, and ceremonial use. .. in the museums on both towers.

It becomes a special moment when the bridge is lifted from center when the tall boats/ships pass under the bridge. The road traffic on bridge is stopped for the time being!!!!!!!!!! I had the fortune to view that wonderful scene and captured the video too.

A real pleasant and life time good experience!!!!!!

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