Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ocean Village, Southampton

Though I had covered most of the attractions of Southampton, unknowingly some wonderful places were missed out. This time, I have decided not to miss a single street at Southampton ;-).

Ocean Village Marina is one of the places I barely wanted to visit last time. But I couldn’t. Yeah! It is the first place I went out during this trip.

This waterfront is one of the UK's biggest marinas and situated in the shelter of Southampton waters. Ocean Village is not mere a marina. It’s surrounded by Huge Cinema Halls, Open bars, Big Shops, Restaurants, and it offers outstanding recreational facilities.It's nealry two times larger than the Redfunnel ferries, I visited last time.

Cine World - One of the beautiful theatres, fenced by the Ocean Village back waters. I badly wanted to see the “Terminator Salvation” at Cinema World. But the ticket fare made me to download the DVD rip from internet ;-).

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