Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My UK Trip - II: Travel with KingFisher (Contd..)

Shhh!, Fun apart!!! … Let me have some serious analysis on Kingfisher airlines.

I am not a very regular flyer. I do not know if I am truly qualified to make comments and observations on an Airline, which I just flew twice or thrice. But still I would like to give my thoughts about the Airline.

Some of the pleasing things, which I value about KF are,
1. End to End service and they refer to passengers as their “Guests”. They never use the word “Passengers”
2. Leg Space in Economy Class is much better.
3. Eye Candy .. [ Mr. Mallaya really knows what men want ]
4. Unlimited Drinks,Beverages and snacks [ In jet you have limited distribution]
6. Moderate in-flight services

But, I’m not impressed with KF’s Personal entertainment system. Though it has some games,movies and live TVs, It has limited options. [I liked the Jet Airways System which had a touch screen feature and covers movies in all regional languages, music, TV shows, book reviews, book summaries etc., and lets you pick anything you want. ]

Food : Still some way to go.. Jet’s food is better than KF [ may be an exception.. but I will update when I have a better experience ].

Overall, it was really a pleasurable experience and will love to use Kingfisher again.

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Ok!!. I have had shared enough of my expeiences with Kingfisher Airlines. Will continue with the interesting places I tour, during this trip.


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