Monday, June 8, 2009

My UK Trip - II: Travel with KingFisher (Contd..)

I reached the KF boarding counter , and was greeted by several girls in red outfit. Kingfisher promises a really different flying Indian experience. I was all set to enjoy this ;-).

“Anything to declare, Sir?” young girl whispered to me at the Security/Declaration counter near the flight gate. I had nothing to declare. She checked my boarding pass and wished me to get into the flight.

Got through the door and rushed to the plane - Wow!! – a brand new A330 Plane - with nice seats and monitors in each seat with Satellite TV. Kingfisher’s interiors looked very fresh and colorful whereas Jet interiors were more subtle. Kingfisher seats were more comfortable than Jet.Heard that Kingfisher is the only Five star Status flight from India.

Seat 26H - Window seat- settled in - can't believe it is going to be a full flight. But soon the crowd started pumping in. As usual, I was looking at the girls who’re going to fly with me :-D.

~~~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ~~~

Are you aware of the PGK’s Law of Airlines?

One of the laws says that the most beautiful girl in the flight will never sit next to you, and if you see two of the fattest blade guys in the flight, you know that your seat is between theirs’. (Well, I’m the proud composer of this PGK Law;-).

~~~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ~~~

As the seat next to me was blocked for my teammate, the PGK law was not applicable there.

The KF flight attendees (All are girls; not even a single boy there) took their positions in the aisles, but not for safety demonstration, since they already have a super cool video for that. (Yana Gupta Introduces the security features of the plane.. tell me, who will not watch the video ??:-D).

The attendees are all young cute, hot, with mini skirts - Vijay Mallaya,the Chariman & CEO knows how to make Kingfisher a glamorous airline. All passengers are amused and behaving relatively well ;-)

Will continue…

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