Monday, May 4, 2009

A day with M.Night Shyamalan

The Hot Sunday made me to stay at home; till 7PM , sun was so arrogant yesterday.How to spend the whole day? My friend came up with M.N.Shyamalan DVD Collections. Yeah !!! I know, it’s very tough to analyse and review Shyamalan’s movies ; so I ll stop myself just with their plot summary.We started the day with “The Sixth Sense”.

The Sixth Sense in [1999]
I think, The Sixth Sense was the first commercially successful film that Shyamalan wrote and directed. Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) is a child psychologist who, after being shot by a former patient, tries to aid the hallucinatory Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment).

Cole tells Dr. Crowe that he can see dead people, and the skeptical Dr. Crowe advises Cole to communicate with and aid his ghosts. After successful therapy with Cole, Dr. Crowe returns to his wife to reconcile, and soon you will discover that Crowe was one of Cole’s ghosts all along.!!!

After the Lunch,again we started with Unbreakable[2000]
Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) is a fragile comic book store owner born with a rare bone disorder that severely weakens his skeletal structure. Elijah searches for the meaning behind his fragility and contacts security guard David Dunn (Bruce Willis), who was the miraculous sole survivor of a massive train accident. Elijah proposes that “unbreakable” Dunn is actually a superhero.

Dunn has the ability to view a person’s immoral behavior upon touch and has only been sick once in his life – when he nearly drowned as a youth. Elijah tells Dunn these are typical super hero characteristics. The big twist occurs when Dunn discovers some of the blueprints and newspaper clippings of major disasters in Elijah’s store. Elijah calmly accepts that he caused the accidents to find his opposite – someone with an incredibly hardened bone structure.

The plot has creative potential – it’s a unique approach to the superhero mythologies. The movie offered theSupernatural, suspenseful mood that Sixth Sense had, but fell just short of achieving it..

Then “The Village”
The Village was released in 2004 and followed M.Night’s Signs (I’m awaiting to watch the “Signs”. Lucius Hunt (Joaquin Phoenix) lives in an isolated village surrounded by a vast expanse of forest. The perimeter of the village is marked off by flags to warn the townsfolk of trespassing into the woods where “Those We Don’t Speak Of” reside. After a child dies of illness, Lucius volunteers to travel beyond the woods to retrieve medical supplies, but is wounded by a mentally unstable villager, Noah Percy (Adrien Brody).

The blind daughter of the town elder, also Lucius’ love interest, takes the mission upon herself and ventures into the woods to find the towns beyond, at the risk of upsetting the forest-dwelling creatures.

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