Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Career Vs Marriage ?

2:30 PM

Post lunch sessions are the hardest for any one to focus on work. I generally read and do non-technical work since it doesn’t require much concentration. I was filling up my effort sheets for the previous week and got a ring on my mobile.

I picked the call and it was my friend R, who’s working in the next building.

R: "Machi !..I want to talk to you …Can you come to the cafeteria?
Me: Now…?.OKie..I’m starting….”

We reached the cafeteria,and
he opened “ Pon... I’m engaged da.. Will be tying knot in the August”
I wished him and asked about his sudden decision.

His one sentence reply was "...machi...sekkirum lifela settle aganum da...".

After a fun chat we departed.


I had the tea cup in my hand and walking towards my desk, as R’s decision occupied my mind.I asked another friend who rejected his parent’s request for marriage proposals.

He also replied the same answer “Machi!.. First lifela settle aganum da.. Then only I can think about marriage..".

Yes. I admit that You definitely need to have money to get married! Very true…everyone wants to settle in life. Settling in life might be ending up with marriage,a good job,an own home,a car may be...depends on everyone individual perspective.

But, an advice my colleague gave me a few months back was "never mix up career with marriages...."When he was in 26, his parents were looking for a bride. He was very adamant that he would marry only after he reaches his goals. His goals included to travel on onsite, become a project manager, buy land and build home.

He achieved what all he desired but his age slipped to 30s and finding a bride was difficult, it took a lot of time and at last he got married @ 33.

So what i say ?? Onnumay puriayalppa !!!

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