Monday, April 27, 2009

First Impression – say it all ?

This Sunday, I went to T.Nagar for some Purchase,along with my friend. We saw a girl,very familiar to us,who also works in the same campus as we do!

My friend remarked "She looks like a mallu".

I agreed," it is written on her face, she must be from Kerala".

- Yes, sometimes when we meet/see people in our lives, we may not know them in person but we sometimes make a guess "this person has to be from Andra...this person appears to be from north india.." even before we hear them speak or speak to them. Sometimes you can be easily misinterpreted.

I thought of recollecting some events over last four years where people at work posed me strange questions!!!

1) "You look like a vegetarian guy"
It was my first team outing for a Dinner. We went to Residency for dinner. I was having couple of non-veg starters in my plate and my then manager asked me "do your parents know that you take non veg?". He was under the impression that i was a vegetarian guy eating non veg food without my parents knowledge.

2) "Pon.. Are you a Keralite?"
This is one of the frequent questions, I’m facing. During this 4+ years, morethan 50 people have asked me the question.Even when i was at my client office(UK), few Keralites posed me the same question.

3)"You look like a married guy"
This question was asked to me by one of my colleagues. I was wondering what made him ask such a question. Is it because of my appearance or a few silver lines in the head? What made him to think like that ?. He said, I was looked very matured for my age and hence he asked me such a question!

4)"You don’t look like a guy from that College"
There were 2 senior PMs from my college, in my first company. Both of them used to say “you don’t look like a guy from ACCET”. I’m still wondering, what made them to think like that.

5)"You look like that guy"
Many of my friends, remarked me that I’m looking like one of the Heroes of Tamil Cinema. One of my teammates was seeing some of the college photos and remarked why do I have some actor's photos. I had to tell him it was me in the Final year;-D


Interestingly none of them asked me whether I was from down south or from village!!! I would have been happier if someone asked me such questions whether I am from south tamil nadu.

I have mistaken some before even speaking to them. I had a bad impression about one of my colleagues, before I spoke to him but later happened to meet him through a common friend of mine and my first impression about him was totally wrong!

First impression is the best impression they say! but it need not be true always.

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