Monday, March 2, 2009

Wake-up Early !!!

“wake-up-early” has been one of my new year resolutions(every year;-)). But still it continues as a dream for me…

When I discussed with my friends regarding this, Most of them said,

”We also have this same problem”.

Alike people gathered together;decided to get up early and play Shuttle every morning.We start waking up at 5.30AM itself and played Shuttle with full enthusiasm.It was going fine.

One fine day, One culprit said “ Shall we shift the play by half-an-hour?”. Yes; 6AM became 6.30AM.

Next day another culprit said” I’m going to take leave for a week”.

The no.of people become lesser day by day. At one stage, I was the only person remaining in the ground.

Shuttles சிங்கிள்ஸ் ஆடலாம்.. ஆனா சிங்கிளா ஆட முடியாதில்ல.. So that plan got dropped.

Then… I started swimming with my colleague. The interest on swimming made me to wake up so early. (Swimming in the early morning is really a great feel, to experience.) It was going smooth for few months. After that, due to so many important reasons(??), the swimming chapter also got the END.

If you ask me,”When do you go to bed?”. I really don’t have a answer.

One day at 10.30PM, 11.30PM on the next day. 12,1.30… it goes as it is. Whenever my Mom/friends scold me for that, my all time reply will be “ See, many of the great people are night birds. They work mostly in the night hours”.

“You know, AR.Rahman is always busy composing his new tones in the night time only"

'அவரு அப்படி வொர்க் பண்ணி ஆஸ்கார் வாங்கீட்டார். நீங்க அட்லீஸ்ட் ஒரு செகண்ட் ஹேண்ட் காராவது வாங்குங்க. அப்புறம் பேசுங்க'ங்கறாங்க. எதாவது சொல்லமுடியுமா?

Till Dec, I usually wake up atleast before 6.30AM, irrespective of the time, I go to bed. But now,I can’t. It goes to 7.00,7.30,at times 8.00AM too..

If any of you are really eligible/can give some tips to me to wake up early, my thanks in advance.

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2 Comments to "Wake-up Early !!!"

Shruthi said...

//If any of you are really eligible/can .... //

Konjam too mucha theriyala?

I can't give you any tip...

Anonymous said...

Hey enjoy it while you can. Once you have children you will not get to sleep late, even if you really needed it. So I guess my tip is get married and have children. You will find out that they can do the one thing no alarm clock, friends, shuttle or swimming could do; Wake you up early!