Friday, March 27, 2009

Team Outing - Full of Fun

After a longtime wait, we finally(:-D) decided for a team Dinner at Temple Bay Resort via Muttukadu boat house.

For all of us the word of "HAVING FUN ON A WORKING DAY" has pumped up the spirits :).Our’s a small team of 6 members, started from office by 3.30PM and reached Muttukadu around 4.30PM.

We hired two row boats to add to the fun. I have never sailed on a row boat before. It was quite an delighting experience to observe the waves and the clear and peaceful atmosphere. I begged the rower for a role reversal. He readily agreed, willing to share his work with us. So here we go, rowing our way in cheer under the guidance of our boat rower.

I pushed hard the bows; but the boat didn’t move even a single feet. I never realized that rowing requires so much of observation and strength. It took almost 10minutes, for me to get familiarize with the mechanism. We had quite a lot of fun on the back waters and started our vehicle towards Temple bay Resort, Mamallapuram!

Our car was rushing over Kovalm… Here comes the turning Point. This time it’s a big “U” turn ;-D. Instead of Temple bay, why can’t we have our dinner at “Taj - Fisherman’s Cove”?. Our Car driver stared on us, and made his “U” turn. Around 6.30PM, we entered into the Fisherman’s Cove.

The hotel was already illuminated with some lights and the sun was about to set. The Restaurant starts only at 7.30PM. So, we rushed to the beach. Unfortunately, we couldn’t capture the sun set.

As we walked along the long beach, we talked about a lot of things; about our earlier trips, family, friends..and so many. It was really entertaining. Almost an hour passed away at the beach and we entered into the “Bay View Restaurant” .

The Bay View Point Restaurant - just 10 feet away from the beach and you can hear the waves crashing on the beach. We enjoyed dine and wine in the natural environment with some barbeque and quality drinks. Along with the dinner, we also had the delight of watching the magical fireworks on the skies, above the sea.

After the fine Dinner, we had to take a leave of the Bay View. I was sorry to leave Fisherman's Cove. . Without doubt, Fisherman’s Cove one of the serene and calm place to unwind. Would definitely stay there given another chance!

All in all – The trip rocked. Apart from the sight-seeing and Dinner, the entire team bonded well during the trip (or so, I like to believe).These small things definitely count in improving work atmosphere.

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