Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A.R.Rahman & Oscars

It was "Padmashri" AR Rahman few months back.
Then.."Golden Globe winner"AR Rahman few weeks back.
And now, it is TWO TIME OSCAR WINNER A R RAHMAN !!!!!!!!!!

AR Rahman has made all the Indians proud ; especially the Tamilnadu proud. My heart felt proud when he said - “எல்லா புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே“. Really great !!!.

I’m very happy that Rahman taking Indian music to such a great heights. Also, I’m happy that at least now Rahman is getting the much deserved international recognition - due since 1991!

Along with ARR, Resul Pookutty and Gulzar also did an wonderful job and made us proud.


In Internet,TVs and newspapers, it's all ARR for the last few days. Almost all of the new posts/discussions are on "ARR" and "OSCAR" ( So, me tooo ;-)).

I came through some useful(???)posts by some intersting people. Here,the list of posts (enjoy) ...

1. Will ARR's Oscar will be useful to India's growth ?
- மன்மோகன் சிங்க்கு அடுத்தபடியாக முன்னேற்றத்தை பற்றி கவலைபடும் உண்மை இந்தியன்

2. Musical flaws of SDM (Slum Dog Millionare)
- சிம்பொனி சிலம்பு

3. SDM : An English Film by Tamil Musician
- புதிய கண்டுபிடிப்பாளர் ஐன்ஸ்டீன்

7. What ARR did for World Peace ?
- சமாதான கழுகு

4. What's the use of OSCAR ?
- பட்ஜெட் பத்மராஜா

5. Why OSCAR, not given to Ilayaraja ?
- இளையராஜா விசிறி

6.A.R Rahman really deserved this ?
- எதையும் ஆழ்ந்து நோக்கும் சிந்தனையாளர் போல...


Now, My Point of View :

Definately Slumdog Millionaire is not ARR’s masterpeice.. He has given much better ones, which also reached Oscar (Like Lagaan,Black...). But they didn't earn the award.

Is it that the Oscar/BAFTA/Golden Globe juries considered Rahman’s music since it’s a movie directed by a Western director for the Western audience? Not sure how this whole thing works...

Think again..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm back

So, I’m back in Chennai, after an excellent trip.

The trip was more than I expected. It was a total immersion in a wonderful Place, People, Scenery, Sea , travel & climate - all were intense. This was the one, what I was looking for.

It is so interesting being immersed completely in another culture, and trying to view the world through a different lens. I met many people from all over the world who have traveled a lot, which made me want to see more of the world. The things I learned and the life experience at UK will always be in my memory.

It was a very pleasant trip on a whole, and I definitely will not be tired to go back ;-)

Till now, I have been enjoying telling the stories of my trip. I could record only a small portion of the trip; Still lot of interesting things, are yet to be shared; As But I have decided to finish the wonderful trip story with this.

Thanks for patiently reading :-) Will continue with other set of posts soon.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So Sad...

This happened during my return trip to India. After the complete set of formalities, I boarded the plane and settled in my seat. As the boarding was in progress a lot of nice looking girls kept boarding the flight. My next seat was vacant and I kept praying that one girl should come and sit there.

As my eyes were fast searching the crowd, a shawl came flying from somewhere and fell on the seat next to me. ”அட!!!,இந்த ஊர்ல எவண்டா துண்ட போட்டு சீட் ரிசர்வ் பண்ணர்ரதுனு எட்டி பார்த்தேன்.”

Oooops!! A nice looking Indian Girl!!!. I bet the entire crowd in the flight would have been seeing her. Every ones face kept turning at her.She was coming towards me. 2 seconds gap la manasu kulla apadiye:- “Karagatakaran padathula vara madiri (Ramarajan thundu apadiye parandu vandhu vizhara madiri…)“ இந்த மான் உந்தன் சொந்த மான் ”nu oru duet song vera.

But she just crossed me and seated in the next row ( just behind me). Namma luck ah patthi daan sollave vendame. Sari freeya vidunnu, I again started looking at the crowd. I wished at least a “coat suite” gentleman next to me. I could have some good chat in that case.

Now comes the turning point.. A “paati”(grand-grand old lady) got into the flight. She should be around 65 yrs. As she was walking down the flight (with a walking stick and air hostess’ aid), my face turned completely nervous. Godddd…… Please… Please…. Not next to me.. please.. But ;-( !!! She came, gave a smile and sat in the next seat. Ukkandadhu pothadhunnu… She asked me- ”Can you help me with getting the seat belt?”, which stuck between the seats…”

போங்கடா நீங்களும் உங்க ஏர்லைன்சும்... பல்லவன் பஸ்லேருந்து JET AIRWAYS வரைக்கும் நானும் எல்லா WATTS லையும் “BULB” பார்த்துட்டேன்…