Thursday, January 22, 2009

Titanic Memories - Southampton

Till I reach the Maritime Museum,I was not aware that the fateful departure (first;also it's last) of RMS Titanic happened from the Southampton Docks.

The tragedy is covered in detail in a special exhibition at the Southampton Maritime Museum and it tells the real story of the Titanic through the voices of some of the survivors and the people of Southampton whose lives were affected by the disaster.

I was completely speechless after visiting the memories of the tragedy.

Few memories from the museum…

(Titanic leaving Southampton on her maiden voyage, 10th April 1912)

*The departure of RMS Titanic from Berth 44 at the White Star Line dock in Southampton marked the beginning of a fateful voyage into maritime and world history.

*That momentous and much-celebrated event which began at noon on 10 April 1912, ended so tragically less than five days later, at a recorded time of 2.20am on 15 April 1912.

*Even today it is staggering to imagine all the 1,523 souls who stood by as the few boats available were sent away, knowing that it would take a miracle if they were to be saved too.

*It is difficult to imagine the 705 brave survivors watching in terror and anguish as their loved ones and dreams all perished that night when the so-called "unsinkable" Titanic did the unthinkable and went down.

Hampshire, and Southampton in particular, has many associations with the story of the Titanic, its passengers and crew. Some survivors returned to live in Southampton and one is still there to this day.

It's wonderful museum and display. It made me feel like I was right there the night that Titanic was sunk.Really great....

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