Friday, January 23, 2009

Roads & Traffic....

Another one thing, I really amazed in UK is their roads and traffic systems. I think,these roads are the first thing,which attract people like us coming from India.whenever I travel on these broad, flat and beautiful roads, they tempt me to drive a Ferrari on it’s maximum speed ( இப்படி செம்ம ஸ்பீட்ல வண்டி ஒட்டி நம்ம ஊரலே நெறிய தடவை மாமா's கிட்ட மாட்டிருக்கேன் ;-)

In England, people use High Speed “Motor Ways”, for moving between two towns. There won’t be any traffic on these roads. No signals too (except in the tool booths).You can’t slow down / stop your vehicle on the motorway.

UK motorways originally have no speed limit, and designed for traffic traveling up to 100 mph (160 km/h!!!). Some may have lower limits of 45miles/hour. You can’t drive slower than the limit. These speed limits varies from one place to another, depends on the local rules.

To leave from the motorways, there are special “Exit Lanes”. Likewise, to join in the motorways, you have special lanes called “Ramps”.

Everyone here, follows lane traffic and traffic rules very consciously. They don’t even try to void the rules. (நம்ம ஊர்லதான் டிராபிக் அண்ட் ரூல்ஸ் பத்தி தெரியுமே!!!). I feel most of our attitude depends on our peers. Many of our peers don’t follow the traffic rules. So we too… don’t take it seriously.

Unless otherwise, we start following the rules… nobody will follow. At least we (our generation) should take the lead to start following. This is not only for Road rules.. for all ;-) ( Okie, திட்டாதிங்கோ!!! இதோட என் பிரசங்கத்தை நிறுத்திக்கிறேன் !!!)

All the vehicles use GPS based Automotive navigation system. We don’t need to explain to the driver the route. The Navigator guides the Taxi driver. It provides the road data in the form of a vector map.

Even Street names or numbers and house numbers are also encoded as geographic coordinates in the database, so that the user can find some desired destination by street address. (Would be very helpful to our Auto rickshaw drivers.. naa ? :-0 )

And... why these totally unnecssary/irrelavent (my)photos nnu ketkureengala!!. Chumma irukkattum. Freeya vudunga sir :-)

Will continue….

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