Thursday, January 15, 2009

My UK Trip: Part-4

*11 Jan 2009: Reaching Southampton

Wow! I have reached London! I can’t believe that I’m actually here! It’s so strange actually doing something you’ve been thinking about for many days.

As soon as, I got down, I was instructed to clear my Emigration and collect my baggage. I went straight to the Emigration Check Counter. One Fat lady with absolutely no smile, said “Haaaai” to me. I gave her the filled in Landing Pass which was given to me in the plane. There was not much to check. But still the Lady Officer asked me a few questions.

Purpose of your Visit?
How long you’ll be here?
Where do you plan to stay?

The same questions… But I felt bit nervous this time, as I found bit difficult to understand her slang. I answered in the most nervous form of English available.

“Okaiy!!Wish you a pleasant stay ” She said.

“Thank you”, I replied..

Yeah!!!! I was through!!!!!!!!!!!

So I was finally into the UK after completing all the formalites!!

Then I went to the Baggage section. I waited for almost 10minutes to collect my bag, from the looooooooong queue of luggage. My client had booked a cab for us. The taxi driver was waiting with the Placard.He greeted us with the big smile and picked us to his Benz . Hey!!! I’m going to travel on BenZ – S Class Saloon (What a pity here they use it as a Taxi!).

Southampton is nearly 80miles from London.The drive to my apartment at Southampton was about 1.5 hours from the London airport. While driving in the (Benz!!!) taxi, I got my first view of London. It was much different than I expected. It took just 10 minutes to come out of the city. I had a picture in my mind as a very big one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy the beauty of London with Light. It was around 7.30PM.

I was just keep watching the road and cars flying on them. My car was slowly reaching Southampton.Southampton is the largest city in the county of Hampshire, on the south coast of England. Scattered houses and commercial buildings, Big play grounds, small parks with big beautiful trees and birds you would never see in India. Thuoght he light was very bad, They’re beautiful!. I can’t wait to start exploring them.

Soon, I will write more about them.

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