Thursday, December 11, 2008


Nowadays, you can’t see any newspapers without Su-do-Ku. I’m not going to post the history of Sudoku here. I say about my experience with the game and how I was screwed up it for sometime.

I didn’t really notice much, when SudoKu got introduced to Tamilnadu. As usual , I was living my life with Ananda Vikadan and Thinathanthi. But it all changed on one day….. The day when Deccan Chronicle entered into Chennai.

With the sudden love on English, I gave up all the Tamil daily’s and jumped to Deccan Chronicle ( Don’t ask me, was it because D.C sold for just 1.5rupees :-)).On initial days, I used to read only sports column, didn’t even look on other pages(including the Sudoku boxes).Once day, I read about “Sudoku” in one of Sujatha’s articles.

So, what the hell is there in this Sudoku? Let me also try that… I started my first Sudoku… It took nearly 4days to solve my first puzzle.After that, I became one of routines. I started buying D.C only because of Su-do-Ku. As days move, I could able to solve 6 to 7 puzzles a day. Later on I went an extreme of 15 per day 

At that time, I was commuting to my office by train, which took nearly 1.5+1.5=3hrs a day. I spared the whole 3 hrs with Sudoku. I used to download Sudoku puzzles from internet and took printouts(at office printer:-)) everyday, when I leave office. I installed Sudoku on my mobile and started digging it, till my mobile’s joystick go bad. Yes…. I almost became an addict to Su-do-Ku.

Even when I sleep, the boxes came in my dream. It was pathetic :-).I was trying hard to leave the habit. But it was very difficult.

Finally, one fine day, all of sudden Mr.Kalanithimaran cameup with his “Thinakaran” for 1Rupee. Immediately, wisdom came to me..Oh! My god!.. How bad I’am. I’ve forgot my Mother tongue Tamil and went with English Deccan Chronicle !. The next day itself, I gave up D.C( again,only for SudoKu) and jump to Thinakaran. That’s the end to my SudoKu…

Nowadays, I don’t even touch Sudoku. Today, one of friends came to me to solve a Sudoku puzzle. I just escaped from him (in fact, from Sudoku). That instance made me to think about all my experience with Sudoku and so this post.

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2 Comments to "Su-do-ku"

Shruthi said...

U too ?...Really.... ?
Hey, Still I'm a Sudoku maniac! Give me some tips to come outof it. Don't prescribe " Thinakaran" :-)
Very Nice reading...

PGK said...

Tips... ? from me ????Oh my god!

Of course, the best tip i can suggest you is only " Thinakaran" :-)