Friday, December 5, 2008

Fed up with Favouritism :-(

"Teacher's pet" is not the relevant phrase once you comeout of the school, but the truth is that many aspects of classroom culture crop up in office life. Few are more frustrating and damaging.Favouritism is a serious one....I believe,most of us will either suffer or benefit because of it at some time in our careers.

Frustrated with favouritism, it is very difficult for me to keep numb without commenting on this.I feel "If someone else is clearly your boss's favourite it will surely affect your self-esteem and motivation,also make you heart burning"

It's best to leave the behaviour left in the classroom itself.

What you say on this ?

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1 Comment to "Fed up with Favouritism :-("

CK said...

Same feeling...

In other words
Why blood? Same blood... :)