Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nokia buys Symbian, Challenge to Android ???

Symbian, the company behind the popular proprietary mobile/embedded operating system, just turned 10, but it won't see its next birthday. Nokia, which had long owned a substantial portion of Symbian, announced today that it would be buying the rest of the company, 52% for about &euro264 million. In addition to purchasing Symbian, Nokia says it will be open-sourcing the Symbian operating system.

Symbian software is used in two-thirds of smartphones -- mobile handsets with computer-like capabilities -- but Apple Inc's iPhone or new categories of phones based on Google's Android software could challenge that dominance.

The move seems to clearly be in response to Google's Android initiative which similarly offers an open platform for upcoming mobile phones.I belive this may definetly make an impact on Google's Plan. Will it be an Android Killer?

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