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Friday, September 18, 2015


I was little bored of monotonous work and thought a short day trip to another place might give me a chance to get energized a bit. Since Bruges is not too far, just an hour and half from Antwerp, we gave it a try and was pleasantly contented with the trip !

We took train from Antwerp to Bruges Central, the City center is very close to the central station, so we thought we go into the city later in the evening (we had time till 10pm, It’s one of the bright days of Belgian summer :). We headed directly to the #boudewijnseapark.

Boudewijn Seapark is a water theme park located at Sint-Michiels, Bruges, roughly 15 minutes of Bus trip from the Central station. I would say it’s an ideal theme park for small kids, my 4 years old kid enjoyed every moment of it. Dolphin show was the coolest thing to me. The park also provides Sea lion and Seal Show. There was an indoor playground, and bigwigs aqua's splash was fun. We felt sad that we did not carry our swim attire, otherwise would have enjoyed little more fun with my kid in the waters!

If you’re with a small kid, I would recommend this place to give a try. For adults it may be little small and boring, again it depends on person to person.

Around 4pm, we came back to the historic center of Bruges and the Markt were just fantastic! We enjoyed the beautiful architecture and happy people watching around the entire square. We’re bit late to climb the historic bell tower to experience the incredible panoramic views of the Bruges!

I heard that there is also an remarkable brewery in Bruges called the Half Moon Brewery. They have some of the best beer in Belgium and it is certainly worth taking the tour as well! This would be a great mid-day stop in Bruges. But, it was not a thing for me. Many people also recommended to visit the Basilica of the Holy Blood, which actually believed to have the blood drops of Jesus, I missed that too.

We’re really short of time for the museums but we at-least wanted to go for the #Dumon Artisanale Chocolatier., but so bad that too was closed when we arrived. I should reserve them for my next visit.

Anyway, we just enjoyed a perfect mix of walking, culture, exploring and of course little bit of fries and waffles. Though it was really a short trip, we felt we happy and very much pleased.