Saturday, January 9, 2016

"A Flood of Inspirations"

Chennai has faced one of the worst floods in the history. There were hundreds of people drowned in the water and crores of materials went in the loss. Many have gone without food, water and basic amenities for days. Entire homes have been washed away for many. Without any difference, rich and poor ran into community centers overnight, for basic shelter!

It feels really miserable to think about the tragic situations of Chennai floods!. But, amongst all these destruction and desperation, one thing that certainly made us proud and inspired was the “humanity among people”

People proved that the humanity is still alive. They proved that they didn't need any direction from the government or any organization to help themselves and to help their struggling neighbor! They just listened and did what their heart said!!

Many prepared food and distributed to all those strangers stranded in the waters; Trucks of supplies and support arrived from all over Tamil Nadu and from all neighboring states; So many young volunteers came out for rescue, risking their own lives.

From cinema theaters to temples/shrines/mosques opened up their doors for people in need; Some cinema heroes turned real life heroes too!; Heard stories of a woman who dared to deliver milk, even when there was a hip level of water on the streets…

I can keep listing many stories of inspiration during the flood. But, one thing that really made me to think was this video interview of an old lady from the Harrington Road area of Chennai.

Her house was completely washed away in the floods. She didn’t have anything to eat or to change; but still with her smile, she just taught all of us that It isn't that hard to be happy even during your most difficult times!! Her smile would have touched and inspired many of us for sure, who are cribbing even for small issues and break down easily.
Money can undoubtedly help you attain your goals, provide you comfort, make life more enjoyable, and shall give some feel of confidence for your future, but merely having the money doesn’t guarantee fulfillment in life! You don’t need to be rich - to be happy. And, this old lady just proved it right!

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True, I also feel that the so-called ‘poor people’ in our country are truly rich in spirit and also in happiness