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Lakshmi Narasimhar Temples - Singrikudi, Poovarasankuppam and Parikkal

We had the privilege to visit all these three Lakshmi Narasimhar Temples - Singrikudi, Poovarasankuppam and Parikkal,  on a single day. These three temples lies on a straight line in the map. Singiri Narasimha and Parikkal Narasimha temples are in a straight line and facing the Poovarasan Kuppam Narasimha.
Sri Lakshmi Narashimha Swami Temple, Singrikudi/ Abhishekapakkam

We started our trip from the Singirikudi temple. This is temple is situated about 3kms west of Abhishekapakkam road junction , off Pondicherry--Cuddalore Highway. We reached the temple very early at 7.30am before even the temple opens, and had beautiful first darshan. Here, the God Narasimhar is found in sitting posture as Ugra Narasimhar by killing the Demon King Hiranyakashipu with his hands. This seems to be one of the very ancient temples. After a very peaceful darshan and prashadams, we started at 8.30am, direct to the Poovarasankuppam.

Sri Amirthavalli Nayaki Sametha Sri Lakshminarasimha Swami Temple – Poovarasankuppam
After a quick breakfast in between, we reached the Poovarasankuppam temple at around 10.30am. Poovarasankuppam about roughly 20-25kms North of Panruti and the same distance East of Villupuram.

It’s believed that the lord appreared here in the same form of Narashimha after the Hiranya Samharam at Ahobilam, hence, this temple is referred to as Dakshina Ahobilam. A unique feature at this temple is the posture of Lakshmi. One eye of the Goddess is turned towards the Lord and the other eye is welcoming the devotees. 

This is also another very ancient temple, There are culverts inside this temple dating back to the 3rd Century AD. Also, there are references to construction during Narasimha Pallava’s reign (7th Century AD). There are also inscriptions indicating Krishna Deva Raya’s visit to this temple (about 500 years ago).

After a very pleasant darshan, we quickly packed-up, as we need to reach Parikkal before 1pm since the temple will be closed by 1.30 and will open again around 4 pm.

Sri Lakshmi Narashima Swami Temple, Parikkal –Villupuram
We could reach Parikkal only at around 12.30 and there was already a heavy crowd over there. For a moment, we thought, whether we will have the fortune to see the darshan before noon or to stay till evening. We’re blessed, had the good darshan at Paraikkal too, well before 1.30 pm.

People said, it’s a great fortune to get the darshan of all these three temples on the same day. We’re very blessed and made it on the same day.

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15 Comments to "Lakshmi Narasimhar Temples - Singrikudi, Poovarasankuppam and Parikkal"

thiruvidaimaruthur sivakumar said...

thank you for the write up. In the same way we left chennai early morning by a toyota innova with a group of six and reached Pondy and then singagirikudi and all was over by 9 a.m. from there we went to Poovarasankuppam via madukkarai and finished the dharshan and was over by 10.30 A.M. Then had a small flash break fast and took the road to villuppuram since the other road is not all that good and also the locals informed that a bridge is being constructed there and reached villuppuram junction. after travelling exactly 21 kms we were looking for the Anjaneyar Statue on our left but we could not locate. By then my Mrs. saw the board directing to Parikkal and took a right turn from NH and just looked back. The Lord Anjaneya was still there but in front of him a shed was put up obstructing the view. Reached Parikkal (Rajagopuram work is going on) and had dharshan and all was over by 12.15.Thereafter decided to be back to chennai but after a short distance took the left from NH and reached thirukkoilur which is about 28 kms from the junction and also visited the thrivikaraman temple and thereafter Sri Gnannanda swamigal Ashramam (5 kms from thrivikrama temple) finished and back to chennai by 9 pm. The one and only important point is that you should leave early(though we planned 5 a.m. it got delayed to 5.30 a.m) and you need to forget your break fast and breaks then you can make it in half a day or else one full day is gone less thirukkoilur. going by bus you will be hardly able to cover only 2 or return to chennai by mid night for which you should be prepared.Else make a stay in Pondy previous night and start the next morning also a fine option. I thank all the blogs, write ups, especially maps(as the tourist cab driver not at all aware of even one temple)which was very useful in making the trip worth.

Pon Ganesh said...

Thank you Mr. Sivakumar. Thanks for sharing your experiences too. May god bless!

Mangai Suresh said...

Is that compulsory to visit these temples on Sunday or any other day is fine?

Pon Ganesh said...

@mangai Suresh: It's ok to visit on anyday. However, we notice a big crowd coming on every Saturdays, and it's believed that visiting all the three temples (Singrikudi, Poovarasankuppam and Parikkal) in a single day is ideal.

Madan Krishna said...

There is no rule that states that all three Temples should be visited on a single day. This is the fake imagination of some one-time astrologers who ill-advice their Customers to visit three temples on a given day.

Visiting Temples on Working Days will help elderly devotees to have a pleasant Darshan of the Lord since there will be less crowd and spending a few minutes/hours inside the temple reciting some Slogans will give one a one-in-a-lifetime experience which should be felt and cannot be explained in words.

Please leave Saturdays and Sundays for Working Employees who can come to such Temples only on Saturdays and Sundays.

This way, one can easily visit two temples in the Morning before 12.30 p.m. and two temples in the afternoon after 4.30 p.m. either by your own vehicle (or) by Bus.

The entire Trip will be a memorable and enjoyable one with less stress on oneself.

Please advice your Blog Readers to spend more time in one Temple listening and reading the history of that Temple so that they will remember that visit for the rest of their Life. Also, Devotees can do their bit of Service to any Temple of their Choice which will help us maintain our Treasures for our future generations.

- Aravamudan K.

Pon Ganesh said...

@Madan Krishna : Thanks, I agree your view, no hard rule to visit all the 3 temples in a single day; As you said, it could be as simple as astrologer's gimmick too!.

It's completely up to the devotees to plan for their wish.

Udhayakumar Selvaganesan said...

Thanks for your valuable information

laksh said...

Thanks for your valuable info! We made a trip over the weekend and there is also another temple near Thirukovilur, which is often neglected. its in a place called Anthili and is very very small, but has a rich history. Try visiting it nxt time around...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I am planning a day long visit covering above 3 Narsimha temples and also Thirukovalur/Anthili/Thiruvarangam. Since most temples close from 12.30 to 4pm, wanted to know details of good place for lunch and taking a break. Thanks.

Pon Ganesh said...

If you plan to visit all the 3 temples in one day, its really tough to drive to a good restaurant in between. We stopped at Kadalur for food. I think, you'll find some decent options there.

Divine blessings said...

Hello Pon Ganesh!
Nice article on Lord Shri Narasimhar temples. And also nice to note that my efforts on creating that route map are helpful for the devotees. Yup! I'm the one who had drawn that route map. I've actually made some improvements from map made by one Mr. Va. Govindhan.
Would you mind, if I post the link of my blog which might be much more helpful to devotees on what's along the route. I've emphasized more on the route in my blog. If you think it'll add some value for the devotees, please approve this comment and let the devotees get some fair idea of what to expect en route.
Babu Kothandaraman

Pon Ganesh said...

Thanks Mr.Babu @divine blessings; I am giving a link of your post, which has a lot more useful information. I am also updating the map with your latest update. Thanks again.

KARTHICK said...

If SWATHI star means it's well & Good

KARTHICK said...

Mr. Pon Ganesh, is it necessary to visit & have a.the dharsan in order of Singrikudi, Poovarasankuppam & Parikkal. CoZ we are coming from Salem to Vilupuram so for us it can be Parikkal, Poovarasankuppam & Singrikudi means it is convenient for us. YOUR SUGGESSTION PLEASE SIR...

Pon Ganesh said...

Dear @KARTHICK : Sorry, I am not aware of any reliable recommendations on this. I personally feel, It is all about our own belief, it may be ok to visit in any order.