Sunday, February 1, 2015

American Sniper (2015)

I’d been noticing a lot of talk over the “ American Sniper” for quite some time. Especially the terrific box-office stats just hard-pressed me to watch the movie.

The film is actually a biopic of Chris Kyle, a Texas Cowboy who became a Navy SEAL sniper, credited with 160 confirmed kills while on duty in Iraq. Soon after retired from the services in 2009, he wrote a book about his war & life experiences as “American Sniper”, and this movie is just the on-screen version of the book. Bradley Cooper has played Kyle and Sienna Miller as his wife – Taya, and directed by Eastwood.

Plot: A few years ago, I saw a movie where an American soldier posted in Iraq during the invasion, who goes through a severe psychological changeover. He’s so into the war and he’s so good at war techniques and  he finds it difficult to go back to his normal life back home in the peace. Social life makes him awkward. Shopping seems like a boring activity to him. And the only thing that makes him smile during the whole day is when he speaks to his mates at the warfront.

That movie was called as “The Hurt Locker”. I saw the same plot here too, but this movie is called as "American Sniper" :P , it’s a very similar film.

My Comments: There’s a lot of debates and controversies already over the film’s authenticity, making and message. I don’t want to write anything more and get into trouble :). Let me just share that how / what I felt about the movie.

American Sniper might have been an important movie, especially for the US Veterans. But, it’s not that exciting and engaging like other war films; many scenes were too lengthy and redundant- particularly the war fronts. (Ofcourse, that’s how the war scene would be :P , but still an interesting screenplay could have made a difference).

Bradley Cooper’s performance as Kyle and the struggle he portrays as a man forever altered by war, seeking to find his identity when it’s over – is simply remarkable. It’s definitely a great movie for Bradley Cooper at least !.

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