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Papanasanam Temple, Tirunelveli

Well, it’s my hometown – Papanasam in Tirunelveli district. The town Papanasam itself is named after the lord Shiva who stays here as the “Papanasanathar (the redeemer of sins)”.  This famous Shiva temple is located at the right bottom of Western Ghats and also on the banks of River Tamirabarani.

It’s located about 45 Kms from Tirunelveli and surrounded by tourist places like Agasthiyar Falls, Maanjoli Estate, 3 beautiful dams (Karaiyar, Servalar & Manimuthar), Vaanatheertham Falls and many….
Moolavar                             :               Papanasanathar / Kalyana Sundarar
Amman / Thayar              :               Ulagammai
Thala Virutcham               :               Villvam
Old year               :               :               1500-2000 years old

Sthalapuranam (History of the Temple):
Due to the heavy crowd gathered for the wedding of lord Shiva and Parvathy devi, Earth lost its balance and the south part of it started tilting. Lord Shiva called-up the Saint Agasthya to go to Pothigai Hills in the South and to balance the Earth level as his single weight was enough for the purpose equaling the weight of the millions of Rishis at Mount Kailash then. Sage Agasthiya also did the same on a requesting Shiva to show-up his marriage darshan.

On the first day of Chithirai month (Chithirai Visu - falling almost on April 14 each year), Lord granted the Wedding Darshan to Sage Agasthya. Lord Papanasanatha graces the Wedding Darshan behind the sanctum sanctorum as Kalyanasundarar on His bull vehicle. Sage Agasthya and his wife Lopamudra are in the shrine worshipping the Lord.

Speciality / Festivals:
Every year, the 10day long Chitrai Vishu festival is celebrated so grand. The ninth day is the car festival. Then on the tenth day, the floating festival (theppam) takes place. It’s belived that if we take bath in the river opposite the Papansam temple, it is equivalent to taking bath in Kaasi and all our sins will be gone.  Another famous festival “Adi Ammavasai” is also celebrated in the month of July and lakhs of people gather there.

How to reach: From all Major cities, buses/trains are available to Tirunelveli. Papanasam is about 45 Kms from Tirunelveli . You can travel by bus, there are so many govt and private buses available from Tirunelveli to Papanasam

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