Monday, September 8, 2014

Barachukki and Gaganachukki Falls

After so much of fun at Sangama, we headed to Shivasamudram in the 2nd half of the day. This is our 2nd trip to shivasamudra,  was at an off-season- but still had decent water flow. Within another hour or so we found ourselves at mesmerizing Gangan Chuki falls !!!. It was around 3PM, the sunny afternoon light was augmenting the scenic beauty of the falls!!

We spent some time enjoying the sceneries of the Gangan Chukki falls and left for the Barachukki, which is just 10minutes away from there. Without wasting a minute, we rushed down to the bottom, and the Coracle ride took us almost to the feet of the falls! Watching the gushing waters from right at the bottom of it, was so spectacular !!!.
After the coracle ride, We decided to get drenched , all of us got into the cold waters, including the kids. And did I miss something???? Yeah,  Adventure!. We tested our swimming skills at the wild waters :P .It was incited by the most daring person in our group (yeah, no need to guess… it was NOT me :)  and soon a few of us joined. Can’t stay long… the rocks were very slippery and the cold water made us completely numb within 15-20 minutes.

We dressed up, spent some more time enjoying in clicking the cameras, and climbed up back to our car at around 6PM. As soon as we start, the rain also started. It blasted heavily till we break for a hot coffee at Kanakpura. With the company of some nice music for rest of the travel, we reached home at sharp 9PM. We’re so tired, did not even feel like having dinner. For the sake of health, we had a few chapathis and wrapped ourselves into the bed in minutes.

We really cherished the whole day. This became yet another memorable trip.

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