Monday, June 30, 2014

Maracas !!!!

Maracas is a traditional Latin American musical instrument. I have seen this rattle like instrument with so many fans cheering for Football, NBA and even in a few Cricket matches played outside India. But, I never heard it’s name or even the sound it makes, till my daughter asked “what it is? “, during Saturday’s Brazil vs Chile match.

Even I got curious to know about Maraca and started googling it for more.  In shape they resemble a pair of rattles, with an oval-shaped head filled with beads, beans, etc., and a slender handle.

They belong to the “percussion” family - a category of music instruments that means " hitting of one body against another." Similar instruments found in this family include the conga, bongo, and timbale. Because maracas are musical instruments that are sealed and create a full, distinctive tone, they are also classified as idiophones., many people call them as “Rumba Shakers” too!

Maracas are traditionally made of a dried shell, like from a coconut or gourd, filled with seeds, small stones, or beans. Here we go, we also made our own version of Maracas with a simple paper plate filled with assorted dall seeds/rice from our kitchen. Look at the fun below. Looks so professional, huh? :)

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