Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tour to Shenzhen Electronic Markets

For me personally, this is the most exciting part of this trip!!. I spent a good amount of time in visiting and learning about the huge electronic ecosystem of Shenzhen. 
Shenzen is the base of thousands of electronics manufacturers and traders. The shops are ranging from small petty ones to big OEM partners, trading in every malls to streets.

I heard that the #Futian commercial complex is the biggest of the Shenzhen city. And I guess the #SEG market is another very big area. I took a chance to visit both of them; they are so huge than that I ever imagined earlier. Most of them are multi-story buildings – each floor is specialized for each part/component.

SEG Plaza’s first 2 floors were mostly discrete electronic components (SMD and leaded resistors, capacitors, Coils,…) and mechanical items (connectors, switches, screws, nuts, bolts..etc). Next two floors were full of transistors/FETs, a lot of circuit boards and semiconductors. 

Above that are all mostly of finished electronics, start from Desktop/laptop/mobile phones/ tablets…etc.  There were many small repair and rework shops in between them scattered everywhere!!
I was totally stunned!!!. As an electronic engineer, this is one of the most interesting things I’ve seen in a long time. No wonder why Shenzhen is the leader of the world’s electronics manufacturing Industry!!.

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