Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Year without "Made in China"

The Author - Sara Bongiorni made an unusual New Year’s resolution. She and her family pledged to spend the year without buying anything from China.

Bongiorni tells often funny, occasionally humiliating stories centering around her difficulty procuring sneakers, sunglasses, DVD players and toys for two young children and a unconvinced husband.

What I feel,
Though she justifies her thoughts with statistics on job loss and trade deficits, I wouldn’t completely agree her to the point of singling out China, when cheap low quality products-are produced (or demanded) from other countries too.

With little insight into global economics, I feel, It is fair to pass judgment on a country’s manufacturing practices as so bad and cheap.

Though there’re major downbeats like China-specific complaints and anti-globalization aside, the story is a fun read for a weekend afternoon.

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5 Comments to "A Year without "Made in China""

Sarge said...

In an an effort to reduce your "Made in China" purchases everyone in this country can do one simple thing----DON'T BUY FROM WALMART!!!! Over 80% of all goods and/or services offered by Walmart come from China. Remember the good days of Walmart when Sam believed in the American way and stood behind it????

Alan said...

My family now never buy any single product that made in china because all the communist countries do not care the human beeings.

I urge we all boycott all products made in china

Sherppard said...

I think Chinese product is good and cheap. And the quality is also very good!!!

tom said...

When will the government take action on this? Chinese imports are dangerous to us and our economy!

Don't buy chinese goods!

Barton said...

Poor guys, how could you let the media blind your eyes? Compare those "made in China" with "made in India", or "made in Mexico", or some others, how much of the defect products count in the whole volume? Do you think made in U.S. is really better? Tell me the price difference