Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar - 200 *

Well the name says it all...doesnt it? He is the god himself of Cricket. Anywhere in the world where they follow cricket must have stared in awe at this brilliant creation.

Today as I blog, Tendulkar has surpassed another milestone - First ODI double hundred by a batsman. Many reached close to it but destiny was written it to be him. 20 years of international cricket and still nothing can stop his child like enthusiasm to the game.

Sometimes my mind gets cluttered with too many words to write about something, today is one of those days. Every word I write, I feel, I won’t be paying full justice to the sheer talent, hardwork, perseverance and hell other qualities embedded in this god’s gift to us.

Adjectives well they are hard to come by when we think about him. One thing am sure of, still many more kids will take their cricket bats with Sachin's sticker on it playing on the streets of Chennai, Melbourne,Karachi or London.

I wish Sachin for many more achievement...with all respects.

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