Monday, January 11, 2010

My History of Reading

I have been fond of reading ever since I was a little kid – not books, but magazines, newspapers, Novels and, of late, Books, websites, blogs, etc.

I remember, the first book/magazine, I started reading was “Siruvar malar” (Supplementary of Dinamalar Tamil news Paper) and I read that as long as I was in Primary school. In addition, I used to read all Tamil magazines and short story books.

As a kid, I was a big fan of Super Hero Novels. There were numerous Thriller Novels by various authors. I read many Historical Novels. English books were very rare, and apart from my knowledge.

As I grew up and moved into middle and then senior school, there was big dip in my reading habit; At around my 9th to 12th Class, I almost stopped reading, other than my School text book. When I was promoted as a college student, again I found lots of free time, to re-start my reading.

Since then, I’ve been reading & reading, whatever I see. I read Novels, Books, Magazines, Blogs in both languages. But I could feel that, my reading choices have been very diverse over the time; my reading tastes have definitely changed over the years.

I wish to write about such Books/Novels, which affected/admired me ever. My intention is not to review / comment on those books (I’m not even eligible to think of it ); but I’d like to keep their memories and to promote those books to other readers.

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