Friday, April 10, 2009

Should I stay late at office ?

I left my office (for the day only ;-D) around 6PM yesterday; It’s been quite a longtime,I left for home in the sunlight. For the last two months I used to leave by 8.30-9PM.But this week, our client is on vacation (moreover there’s no much work), so I decided to leave by 6PM.

Around 6-6.30pm, I reached home.
My neighbor aunty greeted me at the gate, "Enna Ganesh evalo sekkiram vandhuta?"

I really didn't know how to reply for that question. I am sure many of us might have been in such situations. People think at times if u work in IT or ITES , you have to come home in midnights or working in weekends is mandatory. I had to slowly and clearly explain to her. We have to live my life according to my Client, his timings, his location and his vacation.

I parked my bike and climbing on the stairs, to home at first floor. Again a little girl asked the same question, "Uncle ! Enna Project overa? sekkirum vandirkeenga?"

After finishing dinner, I decided to call my Mom. My brother picked the phone and asked "At home? Enna vela illaya ennaiku?"

Generally I share most of my office happening with my family. I always keep them informed about me. Again I had to explain him about client’s vacation.

My Dad, started with the same question….

I was tired already.
I didn’t want to explain further.
Edhey kelvi ennum evalu peru kekaporanganu theriyala.

I’m wondering,
"6 maasathkku oru thadavai 6 manikku vandha evalavu kelvi ketkurangaley, appo Benchla irundha velaya vittu thorathitangala nnu ketppanga pola"

What shall I do ? I can't blame them.

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